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Quest for Gold

This game was made in 48 hours for the game jam "Ludum Dare 41". Quest for gold is a turn-based platformer board game. Your objective is to reach the chest full of gold at the end of the board. You throw dices in order to move around the map. Each number on the dice corresponds to a possible move. You can end your turn whenever you want or even wait a turn in order to move when its more apropriate.



Map - Map moves with each turn and certain elements change position.
Multiplayer - Player against other players who have player before you.
Database Connection - Player actions are recorded and sent to a MySQL database.
Procedurally generated water animation - Perlin Noise was used to make water move realistically.
Low poly 3d models - Models were created from scratch for this 48 hour event.

Technologies Implemented: MySQL, PHP, Unity Engine, C#, Blender, Audacity

Game Link: Quest for Gold