Paper Shooter!


Paper Shooter Screenshoots

This was a funny idea I had where I actually drawn the assets on a piece of paper, took a photo with my phone and later used paint.NET to cut the parts of the drawings I wanted to use. I wasn't really trying to make a fun game here. I was simply trying to see if using hand drawn assets game the game cool graphics.

This is an arcade game that behaves a lot like the classic Space Invaders but with some components of infinite runners. It was pretty straightforward to code. The hard part was to actually draw something :P

There were 3 different types of obstacles/enemies. Spikes and green blobs were static and killed the enemy on contact and the octopuses shoot bullets in all directions while they were spinning. There were also some coind the player could catch for some extra points. The game would constanty generate one of this 3 obstacles at random while the player was still alive.

Why it failed?

The controls were not bad. When the player touched the left part of the screen the spaceship moved left when touching the right part of the screen it moved right. The player didn't have to shoot the bullets since the ship shoot bullets at a fixed rate. One reason it was a total failure was the contrast between the background and the foreground. Since thebackgroundd was a math notebook with lots of text written, it got confusing really fast. Another reason to fail was the fact that the obstacles/enemies were always the same. Yes they appeared at random but the "spikes" block, for example, would end up with spikes on the exact positions. It got boring really fast. The feedback when the player got hit was also not very noticeable. The ship was already hard to see and when the player got hit it was almost impossible to keep track of it since the animation added alpha to the base ship color.

How it could have been better ...

There were a lot of changes required for a game like this to work:

  1. A clean backroung would have definitely helped here.

  2. Player damage feedback. Maybe add vibration? Or maybe make a screen animation to the color red for a second.

  3. The UI was too big. Would make made it half the size (hearts at the top).

  4. There are things for the player to catch (Coins) but there is no score being recorded. There is also no time being recorded If the player wanted to see how much time he was alive a time clock on the top of the screen would be good.

  5. Enemies got destroyed with one bullet so I would add health to enemies.

  6. Would also add different weapons and special abilities. Maybe a score multiplier for player combos?

  7. Would add difficulty progression. Map would move slower at first and faster as the game got to later stages.

  8. Would add boss fights at speciic stages of the game. Would probably add different levels, each level ending with some kind of boss fight.

  9. Loot system and Upgrades: Enemies could drop stuff. This stuff could be used to upgrade the ship and unlock different abilities.